Classical part massage (30min) € 30,-
Classical full body massage (60min) € 60,-
Foot reflexology (45min) € 45,-

Classical face and neck massage
Duration: 25 mins
25,- Euro

Shiatsu and sound bowls massage

Shiatsu is a holistic form of manual body work in the Far East. Shiatsu impacts in a holistic way, meaning that both body and soul are equally affected through a treatment. Shiatsu is careid out lying on a floor mattress.
Shiatsu… feel the enegery flow
ca. 25 mins € 40,–
ca. 55 mins € 54,–
NEW: sound bowl massage
ca. 25 mins € 40,–
ca. 55 mins € 54,–

Information and registration at reception!

A pampering treatment of your hands and feet

Duration: 50 mins
30,- Euro

Pedicure with varnish
Duration: 60 mins
35,- Euro

Manicure with varnish
Duration: 50 mins
30,- Euro

Hands & Feet Package
Including foot peeling
(varnish on request)
Duration: 1,5hrs
Packaged at 50,-Euro

“Your feet are in heaven”
Relaxing foot massage
Including beauty socks package
Duration: 50 mins
30,- Euro

Especially during the heat of the summer, cooling and relaxing on your feet
Duration: 45 mins
40,- Euro

Epilation – Waxing
35,- Euro
Bikini zone and armpits
20,- Euro

Duraction: ca. 30 mins